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A Shadow’s Life

Mohsen Chinehkesh

Mohsen Chinekesh

Mohsen Chinehkesh is an Iranian photographer. He began his photography career with a Zenit 312m camera and Ilford PAN 100 black and white film. Although He has been taking photos almost all of his life, he was recognized as a skilled photographer after he started to share his mobile street photos on mobile photography networks like Instagram and EyeEm. Most of his works consist of black and white photographs. Capturing people in their natural mood without being noticed is what most appeals to Mohsen about mobile street photography.


 I see my photography progress as a kind of continuous self-deconstruction. Definitely this small and torn up portion of my body of work can not represent this flowing progress, but at least one can imagine it through diverse and sometimes even contradictory attitudes of the photographs. Consequently, any of these photographs should not be viewed as a finished, stable, and lasting work of art, but rather it should be understood as an embodied moment in a living, unstable, unfinished ongoing progress.

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