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City Hall Should Works Better For People

An exclusive conversation with the leading mayoral candidate John Tory. By Thomas S. Saras I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule for this interview. Mr. Tory what is your philosophy during this election, how exactly do you see City Hall in the future and what changes will you bring in the ...

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Harm to Mount Dennis

York—Today, Olivia and Mount Dennis residents took a walking tour of the neighbourhood most threatened by John Tory’s make-it-up-as-he-goes transit scheme. There are many aspects of the scheme Mr. Tory can’t explain, because he has no technical or financial plan. One is the impact on Mount Dennis of the dramatic turn his heavy rail trains must take before heading 12 ...

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Cut The Red Tape

Better Parks and Public Spaces Toronto mayoral candidate Olivia Chow spoke just outside a park in East York on Wednesday touting a campaign promise to “cut red tape” for grassroots organizations looking to hold events on city property. During 30 Minutes event she proposed a solution to speed up and simplify the process to book city parks for public events. “People ...

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عرض اندام نامزدها برای کرسی شهرداری

حاشیه های میزگردی با کاندیداهای شهرداری تورنتو هلیا قاضی میرسعید کانادا *** شهرداری مرکزی تورنتو دوشنبه شب – 26 ماه می 2014– صحنه تاخت و تاز کاندیداهای شهرداری تورنتو بود. از بین 54 نفری که برای این سمت ثبت نام کرده بودند، 9 نفر به مراسم میزگرد با کمیته رسانه های قومی دولت کانادا آمده بودند. مراسمی که John Tory ...

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Making a difference one person at a time

John Ryerson* Toronto I have never previously volunteered for a city election. Last November when the crack scandal seemed to hit its peak in Toronto (who knew there would continue to be more) my wife said to me “stop complaining and do something about it”. So I made the decision to volunteer. I was pretty sure Olivia Chow was the ...

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Chow لبخند را بر لب خانواده ها نشاند

افتتاح دفتر کمپین انتخاباتی Olivia Chow کاندیدای شهرداری تورنتو هلیا قاضی میرسعید تورنتو صبح روز یک شنبه، 6 آوریل، طرفداران Olivia Chow در شماره 1365 خیابان یانگ گرد هم آمده بودند تا به شکل رسمی شاهد افتتاح دفتر کمپین حمایتی از این کاندیدای شهرداری تورنتو باشند. جمعیت آنقدر زیاد بود که یکی از مسئولان از کسانی که لباس گرم تر ...

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