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A Goodbye Letter to a Friend

From someone you helped

Dear Matthew

It’s hard to put into words what the impact of your loss has meant to so many around the world. We never met, the majority of the people mourning your loss have never met you, and yet we all feel your loss deeply. You once said that you hoped to be remembered as someone who helped people first instead of your role on Friends.

I think however those two are one and the same. There have been so many of us who have turned to and continue to turn to Friends for comfort, as a tool to help forget our troubles and sadness for even a moment. Throughout its duration, there was one character that made a connection with the audience in a greater way than the others. Whether it was joking at awkward and uncomfortable situations, or the constant sarcasm to make the day lighter, Chandler became the friend so many of us could see ourselves in. Every accomplishment, every happiness he experienced, gave hope to us fellow awkward folks that maybe those things could be in the cards for us too.

I’m not alone in this, but I will speak of my own experience when I tell you that you created a safe space for me to come back to. When life become too heavy and sad, you were always there for me. You made so many dark days brighter, and I will never be able to thank you for it. I hope that you rest easy, knowing that you are remembered the way you hoped you would be.

Sincerely, someone you helped
Saba Ahi

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