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Fisherman’s Life


Abbas Hajimohammadi

Abbas Hajimohamadi

Abbas is a young talented Iranian photographer. Although he started his photography journey less than 5 years ago, he’s photographs become vivid and noticeable by the photo industry. He’s latest work series “Fragile Minds: Inside an Iranian Mental Hospital” published in light box of time magazine. On 2014 he becomes the Human Rights Fellow at the prestigious Magnum Foundation.


Capitan Gonas with his 3 brothers and 2 sons spend 10 days on his fishing boat, just close to the Iran-Iraq see border at Persian Gulf. Every day morning, they throw their net before sunrise and there is not much to do till sunset. Between each trip, these fisher men spend few days with their loved ones and again it’s time to hit the see for another 10 days. Their ordinary lives become extremely slow and quite while Boredom and Patience become their strength.

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